Fall is here and for homeowners using a fireplace, this means it is time to get things to crackling!  Fireplaces offer that homely, comfortable atmosphere that warms the heart on the coldest days of the year. But, if the fireplace is not taken care of, this comfort may quickly go sour and fire and other issues can occur. If you want to ensure an exciting winter season with smooth, worry-free fireplace use, there’s a few steps to complete first.

Per recommendation from the National Fire Protection Association of America, fireplace owners should schedule an annual professional inspection and cleaning to remove soot, creosote buildup, and other backup that poses threat of causing a fire.  Chimney inspections are affordable and provided by an expert known as a chimney sweep maryland.

The chimney cap should also be inspected but may not be included with the traditional chimney inspection. When you call out a professional make sure this service is included in your inspection. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars to repair their chimney cap due to damage every year. This important component keeps wild animals out of the house, as well as snow, rain, and other weather elements.

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Make sure any other repairs needed are made at this time.  So many components on the roof can wear out or become damaged throughout the year and when they’re left, they only get worse and cause tons of problems. Although you may not want to spend the cash to make the repairs, when you do it reduces worry and the amount of damage to the chimney, both of which you should appreciate. The average roof repair costs $770, while a roof replacement costs more than $7,000. It’s plain to see why it’s important to eat those repairs made before incurable damage occurs.