With so many options in replacement windows, it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to choose the best for your home. Rest assured that choosing great windows is simple when the home’s architectural style is considered. Obviously, setting a budget is the first step in replacing the windows, but the next is deciding which windows suit your home the best. Most common types of replacement windows clearwater residents use in their home:

Double Hung Windows

Most Clearwater residents use double-hung windows in their home because they have the timeless look of comfort and well-being that is so desirable in a home. The windows have an upper and a lower sash that slide up and down for easy indoor ventilation. They work well in homes with all architectural styles and come in assorted styles and designs that allow the homeowner to create the look they want.

Sliding Windows

Available in double and triple panels, sliding windows provide great views to the outside of the home. They’re perfect for homes with great views that people want to enjoy. They also provide the home with a unique look that stands out from other homes in the neighborhood. Sliding windows feature one or two panes that open. The glass is low maintenance and easy to clean.

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Awning windows

Awning style windows feature a hinge on the top and pivot outward for ventilation purposes. The windows are popular in many Clearwater homes because they allow a lot of natural lighting to come into the home.  And, you can open the windows when it rains without worry or getting the interior of the house wet!

Casement Windows

Another popular window style for homeowners is the casement window style. This window opens outward with a hinge that is found on either side. People enjoy the nice breeze that comes into the home when they crank open their casement window.