How to Avoid Septic Tank Problems

If you don’t take care of your septic tank, don’t expect to get the lifetime and smooth use from the system as you’d expect. It is fairly simple to care for a septic tank and certainly pays off at the end of the day. Not only do you avoid the nasty, smelly hassle of backflow, clogged toilets, and other similar issues, you also protect your health and that of everyone in the home. Plus, it saves a ton of cash since you won’t need a new septic tank spring grove as soon.

How does one go about taking care of a septic tank, you ask? Preventative maintenance is a good place to start. An annual inspection from a plumber will alleviate concerns and highlight any problems or potential trouble so it can be addressed before concerns arise. You can also help stop septic tank issues by using the sinks/toilets only for biodegradable waste and nothing else.  Pay attention to signs of trouble and call for repair at the first sign of trouble!

Signs that it is time to replace the septic tank at your home include:

new septic tank spring grove

·    Over-healthy grass by the septic tank. This might seem nice, but when grass grows at rapid speeds and looks over-healthy, it is a sign that there is a leak.

·    Backflow into the home is gross but it’s a common sign that you need to, at a minimum, call someone out to clean the tank.

·    A hideous odor is oftentimes one of the first signs that a homeowner has that a problem exists with the septic tank.

If the signs say it’s time to replace, make that call to the experts at once. Prolonging replacement will only worsen the headaches you endure with the septic system and the costs you pay for replacing the unit later down the road.

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